Going to Runner Heaven!! R.I.P.


Why the hell am I talking about A single pair of running shoes?????

As a distance runner, we cycle through running shoes every 200-400 miles (a bit more if you are an efficient runner or they are an extremely good pair of shoes). Most of us have a minimum of 3 pair that we cycle through each week. So why is this particular pair so sentimental?

This, now highly worn, fairly dirty and extremely smelly pair, were my first pair of the Brooks PURE shoe line and are the Brooks Pure Flow. They are a very versatile shoe and can be worn for everyday training, long races and or short races such as a 5k.

I received this pair of shoes, as a gift from Final Kick Sport www.finalkicksports.com . These shoes were a gesture of support for Team Tim and our upcoming Boston Marathon.

So, that particular reason right there is reason alone to have such a strong feeling towards these shoes.

Because I was coming off of an Achilles injury, I needed a pair of lightweight, but well cushioned shoe to get me through the grueling distance of the marathon. From the moment I put these shoes on, I was in love.

These boys have seen a lot of miles and have shared in many of my greatest experiences thus far with my running career.

Aside from the untold amount of training “miles and smiles” with great friends, this pair of shoes saw Tim and I through our Boston Qualifying time at The Shamrock marathon in March, our first Boston Marathon in April and also mine and Chandler Doeblers’ first Marine Corp Marathon in October.

They were also my go to shoe for the Colonial 200 mile relay in September…A race that I shared along side many of my closest friends.

They have been a part of several race day PR’s (my own, as well as races where I paced a friend or my wife).

As much as I hate to officially retire these shoes, it is time to do so. They will now be reserved solely for casual walking, checking the mail and taking out the trash.

Though they have been replaced with a new pair of the Brooks Pure Flow, they will always hold a place in my heart and will always be remembered.

Rest In Peace boys!!

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