What Are We Becoming??

EVERY single day, I hear at least one person complaining about their health, how they would love to lose weight, would love to get in shape, would love to do “this” and “that”, yet, they do absolutely nothing to change themselves. When I ask, “well why don’t you workout, eat better, etc, etc”…the answer is almost always “I DON’T HAVE TIME”…Which to me, is the worst damn excuse you could ever give.

If you want to change, you will find the time to change. What it comes down to is, this! We have become a society of complaceny, laziness and, we lack priority.

Statistics show that the average American watches 4 hours of TV per day (that seems a tad bit high to me, so lets be conservative and say 1.5 hours). At 1.5 hours, that is 10.5 hours per week, 42 hours per month, 546 hours per year (If you live to be 65, that is over 4 years of accumultive time spent watching TV).

I have never heard an individual who suffers from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc, say they wish they made more time to watch TV!! Nobody has time it seems like, until they find out they are killing themselves and even then, most don’t do anything about it.

Hell, even if you do watch several hours of TV per week, try to make it a point to drop down and do some pushups, situps, burpees, etc, during every commerical break…that alone will provide a pretty decent workout routine, without allocating any special time or without taking time away from something else.

We are a nation of fast food, convenience and complete laziness…we’ll spend an hour drive time to go to a fancy reastaurant, but can’t find an hour to take care of our body by making a healthy meal or spending that hour excercising.

When the time comes that Crystle and I have children, I want to be able to go out and play ball with my kids, run around the yard with them, spend all day on a nature hike, etc. I certainly don’t want to cut their activity short because daddy is too out of shape and too overweight to play with them.

For the next several weeks, my job has me working on one of the Navy ships in downtown Norfolk and the working hours are going to cut into some of my normal training routine…So, do I get pissed about it and just say “I don’t have time to workout now?”..HELL NO!! This is what I am going to do…the shipyard is 3.5 miles from my house, so today, I walked to and from work (7 miles round trip), along the way, I stopped every .25 miles and did pushups, at every .50 miles, I stopped and did burpees.

Day one totals equal 7 miles walking, 80 pushups and 80 burpees…so weekly, that will be 35 miles walking, 400 pushups and 400 burpees (I plan to add more of each as I progress).

So, is the above example a way for me to brag? NO! But, it is me trying to show you that there is TIME, as long as you adjust your schedule accordingly.

Please do not think I am some crazily obsessive workout and health freak, cause I am not! I do, however, believe that we should try to make the best of our lives and our health while we can.

Every journey starts with the first step..so take a look at your current health and fitness and see if you can’t find ways to fix any disrepancies. Your body will thank you.