What Drives You??

Winning?, Health?, Attention and accolades?, Beer???

Having been around running and the fitness community for the majority of my life, it is very easy to see that many people do the same thing but, very few of them have the same reason for doing so.

As a runner, there are quite a few things that could provide motivation to lace up the shoes and get out there, day in and day out. If you stick around running (or any competitive sport) long enough, you’ll discover there are so many different types of runners, all with different goals and different ambitions.

Some runners, run strictly to compete..They HAVE to be competitive, whether it be in a race, or even against their training partners. Some runner’s do it for health, to fight back heart disease, weight gain or lathargy. Others run for the commraderie, the friendships and the social aspect. Some run to test their own limits, to see just how far they can go, how fast, how often..it becomes their own personal quest and journey. Some runners simply run to help others and to motivate. Then there are the ones who do it for ALL of the above reasons.

Personally, I think part of me can relate to and, at one point in time or other, I have been each of the various types of runner. For me, the biggest driving force has always been to help others, to try and be an ambassador for the sport of running and to teach and educate others on the ways of running and how great of a thing it can be, if used for the right reasons.

Sport, in and of itself (running or other), can be a wonderful tool to help promote change, promote peace, promote commanalities among the uncommon. In ancient times, wars were temporarily set aside and halted so that the greatest warriors could compete in athletic events (the orginal Olympiad).

As a coach and an ambassador of running, there are certain joys I get that I could never acheive just by going out on my own and running or racing. For me, I could care less if I ever win a single race, could care less if I get a trophy a medal or a mention in the local newspaper or Sports Illustrated, however, it does excite me and bring me joy to think that maybe I could be responsible for doing that for someone else. Trophies tarnish and newspapers get thrown away but, if you can impact someone’s life, they are likely to impact another and another and the chain builds..THAT will far outlast a trophy or newspaper column.

I know it may sound like *bullshit*, but I honestly get more joy from helping someone else do well in a race vs. me doing well in a race. Whether I am coaching a runner, pacing a runner or just shouting words of encouragement…my greatest victories have been when I have had a hand in helping someone else meet their goals and or exceed them.

It is certainly not possible to get the point across to all runners and or be able to help all runners but, if I can help get one person from the couch to an active lifestyle of running, put a smile on the face of one special needs child, who would otherwise never expereince the joy of running, without Team Hoyt, or, if I can help someone reach their greatest potential, be it an age group win, an Olympic medal or just completing a marathon and overcoming health issues, then, I will be happy knowing that I have done my job.

To me, running is a vessel of opportunity. I whole heartedly believe, that running can combat many health issues, it can create lifelong bonds of friendship, it can help unite the masses, it can provide hope, it can offer change.

In the Team Hoyt community, I have personally witnessed the effects of running on the human heart and mind. Children, who are more or less written off by society, or baffled by their doctors, come to life when they sit in that chair and race! Maybe they can’t communicate in the typical sense, but there is no doubt something magical happening every time they run a race.

For me, running has no climax nor will my efforts ever culminate into some grand ending. My mission of running is this: To reach out to as many people as possible, both directly and indirectly. If I can plant the seed, just one seed can create a forest!

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do. Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi

So, no matter your running goals or ambitions, from time to time, set aside your own aspirations and see what you can do to help other’s reach their aspirations.

Chances are, karma will shine through and your own running will be enhanced, simply by enhancing others! Sometimes the Running Gods’ work in mysterious ways!!

A Professional Look at pH Balance and Athletic Performance!

I just wanted to touch again on the importance of pH balance and athletic peformance (as well as day to day lifestyle performance). The following is a writeup from Marion Hauser and her husband Dr. Ross Hauser M.D.

Take a look at Marion’s site for more information http://www.marionhauser.com/

10 ways knowing your Diet Type and pH Tendencies Can Help an Athlete1. Provides the optimal fuel for long races and workouts.
2. Helps enhance athlete performance during different weather conditions.
3. Improves endurance, preventing the “bonk.”
4. Helps normalize weight.
5. Maximizes energy during an event (and at home.)
6. Helps accelerate post-race/training healing.
7. Helps improve workout/race efficiency, thus improving race times.
8. Helps minimize commonly experienced workout and race problems such as   nausea, cramping, and exhaustion.
9. Allows the athlete to individualize their food consumption according to   the conditions.
10. Helps you realize your athletic and personal goals!

If you are interested in finding out your Diet Type so that you   can maximize your performance, schedule an appointment today with Dr. Hauser,   3-time Ironman finisher (soon to have a 4th!) and accomplished athlete. He’ll   help you determine what fuels are best for your individual body during your   events, as well as pre- and post- race meals. As an athlete himself, he knows   what it takes! Come on in today! What are you waiting for? Because remember,   if you eat great, you’ll feel great! Here is some more food for thought about   the pH-athletic performance connection from Dr. Hauser:

Putting   the 10 Reasons Athletes Should Get Blood pH Testing into personal practiceby   Ross   A. Hauser, M.D., Ironman Triathlete

1.   Proper Blood pH Will Enhance Athletic Performance During Priority “A” Races
Whether an athlete is doing a marathon for the first time or trying to peak   for an Ironman Triathlon, there are always races that an athlete is training   for. The most important ones are called priority or “A” races. Having the   right blood pH at the beginning of a race can be the difference between a   “PR” (personal record) race and “PD” (personal disaster) one!

If the race weather is going to be hot, then an athlete’s blood pH needs to   be a little on the acidic side at the start of the race. This translates to a   blood pH level between 7.380 and 7.419 on our Caring   Medical pH meter. As temperature increases the blood pH, the   athlete wants to achieve a lower blood pH at the beginning of the race, so   during the race energy production is enhanced as the blood pH rises. The   longer the race, the hotter the weather, the more important blood pH is in   determining ultimate outcome. For cold weather the opposite is true. The   athlete should start out the race slightly alkaline (higher blood pH) because   cold weather alkalinizes the blood. Of course, in both cases, you must take   into consideration your general pH tendencies.

2.   Proper Blood pH Will Enhance Training
Imagine if every time you trained you swam, biked, or ran faster and longer   than you currently do? Obviously, your sports performance would be enhanced.   If your blood pH remains out of the normal range, you will not achieve   optimum energy production. Remember that the enzymes that control energy   production are sensitive to temperature and blood pH. If the temperature of   the blood or the pH of the blood fall too high or too low, your energy   plummets. If energy plummets, so does sports performance, even in training.   By having a proper blood pH level during training, an athlete is able to   swim, bike, run farther and faster. Strength is also enhanced. Something that   all athletes want to achieve!

3.   Proper Blood pH Will Enhance Recovery
If an athlete can recover quickly even after very difficult workouts,   training is maximized. How many workouts do you miss or cut short because you   don’t feel like working out? Are your muscles sore for a long time after   workouts? Do you wake up stiff? Do you need to take time off every so often   because you feel burnt out? All of these are signs of poor recovery. Notice I   said poor recovery not overtraining. I feel most of these symptoms can be   totally eliminated by optimizing blood pH and nutritional/diet supplementation   without any decrease in sports training. Thus, the issue is not an   overtraining problem, but an under recovery problem!

One of the main reasons athletes don’t perform as well as they should is   because they don’t maximize recovery. Athletes tend to emphasize training,   but not recovery. When an athlete has an optimum blood pH level, recovery is   enhanced. If an athlete feels refreshed and energized at the beginning of the   majority of their workouts, training will be enhanced. If training is   enhanced, you get be sure that great races or competitions are soon to   follow!!!

4.   Athletes Need Maximum Energy to Live the Rest of their Lives
You thought this whole article was going to be about maximizing sports   performance didn’t you? Well, what happens when you are wiped out from   workouts and work and then are not able to be totally there for your family?   Correct, stress! Your spouse gets mad because you just sit on the couch and   watch T.V.! The additional stress just makes you more and more tired and   obviously this will decrease your training intensity, distance, or time. All   of which will cause sports performance to plummet! Do you want to know a   better way? I thought you would.

The easiest way I know of to give you more energy to maximize all areas of   your life, is to keep your blood pH optimized. The only way to do that is to   know your level. It is a simple blood test. Normal or optimum blood pH using   the pH meter at Caring Medical is 7.420 to 7.440. pH levels outside of these   levels will cause energy to plummet. Yes, you need energy for athletics, but   also for the rest of your life!

5.   So Do You Really Know What To Eat?
If we athletes were really honest, we would say we really don’t know what to   eat! You try to eat healthy, but if you have acid blood you should not be   eating all those carbs that you think will help you. Conversely, if your   blood pH is alkaline (blood pH over 7.440) you should not be eating all that   protein that you think is helping your muscles. Your muscles are hurting   because your blood pH is too high!

By routinely checking your blood pH levels, Caring Medical can teach you how   you need to eat to optimize sports performance, training, and recovery. If   you follow these guidelines, it has been our experience with ourselves and   our clients that your sports performances will be enhanced.

6.   So You Really Know How To Eat and Drink During Training and Events
#5 above relates to how to eat outside of athletics. But do you really know   how to eat and drink during training and events? You see if you are a Lion   or Otter Diet Type (have acid blood pH), you need much more   protein than the typical athlete. That means more protein and fat in the   morning and more protein/fat during the athletic event. Yes, there are   athletes that need to make a concerted effort to get more protein and fat in   their diets and during training and events.

Take me, for example. I am an Otter Diet Type. During   the Ironman I will get most of my calories for the day from protein and fat,   not from carbohydrates! How have the results been? I have dropped my Ironman   triathlon time from 14 hours to 12 hours, though I have another Ironman race   in one month! Yikes! Why am I writing this article? I should be training!   Don’t fret, I ran 18 miles in 2 hours 35 minutes up and down hills that were   filled with ice today! I thought that speed wasn’t too bad considering the   conditions and the temperature outside was 28 degrees. But then again, I know   about blood pH and how to manipulate it for workouts and performance. But I   digress…I hope this is making sense to you…

7.   So Your Future Sports Performance Will Not Be Affected By the Weather
Everyone has an optimum temperature outside where they typically perform   their best. Most of us would love to perform our best— irregardless of the   weather conditions, right? If you knew your baseline fasting blood pH at a   certain time of year, it would be possible to know how to eat at various   times to optimize sports performance for all weather conditions. Then you   would know what to do—in every situation!

Optimizing sports performance for a specific weather condition is now under   your control. If you hate the heat, blood pH can help you love the heat! Hate   cold weather? No worries, knowing your blood pH can give you that “bring it   on 25 degree” mental edge! Don’t let your hard work go to waste by a bad   weather day for your “A” race. Blood pH holds the key!

8.   To Get Rid of Sports Performance Limiters
You know what they are! You get nauseated in hot weather. Perhaps your   muscles cramp at mile 18. You just can’t finish races well. What if you could   have the edge over your competition and your energy got better as the event   went on? Would that help you? What if your muscles didn’t cramp anymore? What   if your heat intolerance wasn’t a factor? What would happen to your training   or your “A” race sports performances? You would be in “PR city” wouldn’t you?   I am telling you, blood pH is the key!

9.   So the Rest of Your Health is Optimized
Got a scratchy throat, but have a lot of workouts planned this weekend? That   is how I was a few days ago. So what did I do? Because of my knowledge of   blood pH and access to getting it tested, I tested my blood pH while I was   feeling that scratchy throat come on. My blood pH had gone from acid to   alkaline. To optimize my immunity, I needed to acidify my blood, which I did.   I did a few natural medicine treatments and altered my supplements and in two   days I was ready to cycle like a mad man. You know how I ran today. Let’s see   18 miles in 2 hours 35 minutes, lower than 9 minute miles. Remember, 28   degrees and running on ice and hills, not bad. It is now about 2 hours after   my run and I am writing this. How can I do it? Let’s recap. Sickish feeling   on Thursday, biked 2 ½ hours Saturday, and ran 18 miles today in freezing   cold conditions and then have enough energy to write this article. How is it   possible? It is blood pH, baby. It is the secret.

You may have hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, stomach   aches, terrible energy, muscle aching, poor concentration, or a host of other   health conditions bringing you down. For many of these, the one key to   feeling better is knowing your baseline blood pH. If it is out of the normal   range, getting it back into the optimal range has got to help you feel   better. In our experience, it sure has. Imagine if you had 25% more energy   for your body to repair itself? You just might feel good, right? Maybe your   immune system would be enhanced? Healing should be enhanced right? Well, what   are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your blood pH tested!

10.   So the Athlete Has Fun!
Most of us forget sometimes that the reason we do athletics is to have fun.   Having a balanced blood pH will give the athlete tons of fun. How will it do   this? Well, sports training will be enhanced. You will swim, bike, run,   compete, and perform with more energy, vitality, and intensity – won’t that   be fun? You won’t get injured and that will keep the fun going! You will PR   at your “A” race. That will be a blast! You will recover great, so you can   workout the next day. That will be good for your friends you workout with. So   let’s not forget their fun! Your stomach won’t become queasy while exercising,   so that will be fun. Those stupid side stitches or muscle cramps will stop.   That will be great! After workouts you will be awake for your family and then   you can have some fun with your kids and your spouse! That will be tons of   fun! You may get a promotion at work because you’ll be able to concentrate   better and give 110%. Your boss will be so impressed. That will be great! But   mostly, you’ll just be able to continue to exercise. You need it! It is your   outlet! Your time! Your psychotherapy! It is what you do with your free time!   It is how you and your friends have fun together! Ultimately, it makes you   the type of person you desire to be and that kind of person is a lot of fun   to be around!