This is a blog dedicated to all things running. This blog is where I will document and capture, not only my journey, but also the journey of my fellow running partners and friends. Here I will capture everything that takes place in the life of a dedicated runner. I will discuss topics of training, racing, nutrition, etc. I will also commentate on the humors of running and the many laughs shared within a running group.

This page is also a dedication to a good friend, who has helped keep me motivated and inspired to continue running. This page will also follow his quest to become the Masters Mile Champion, as well as the “naked mile” world record holder (he is said to have a 4:18 naked mile already, though documenation or video has yet to be found…haha!).

So if you enjoy running, or just good reading and laughs, follow me on this journey and lets see where it takes us!  VELLA SHPRINGA!!!

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