2013 December Athlete of The Month


So, as you all know, another year has come and gone and we have closed the door on 2013 and are going into the 3rd week of 2014. With lots of great training and racing behind us, it’s time to continue focusing on our future goals for this year. With that said, we still have one last accomplishment to share for 2013.


I know I am a few weeks behind but, I wanted to share with you The Endurance Project’s AOTM for December 2013. This recognition goes to Rob Wasinger, one of our hardest working and highest spirited runners.

Rob had been a member of our Endurance Project for awhile but had just been coming out and running with us every so often. It wasn’t until around August of 2013 that he started taking his running and fitness more serious. He came to me and asked if I could help him to get faster and to start chipping away at his current running PR’s, to which I agreed to coaching him full time.

Immediately, I cut back Rob’s weekly mileage. Instead of just going out and running with no purpose like he had been doing, we started adding quality workouts that served a purpose. Between changing his running workload and also incorporating a strength and core routine, Rob started to improve rather quickly.

Since working with the DWEP, Rob has PR’d his 10k, 8k and 5k (the pic below is of him breaking 20 minutes for the first time at the HOTD 5k. He took 2:36 seconds off of this same race from the previous year.).

Currently Rob is training to run a fast 1/2 or full marathon in the spring, likely Shamrock.  At the age of 47 years old, Rob is proving that there is still plenty of miles and PR’s left in those legs.

Here’s to an awesome year of training and racing, Rob!! Congrats on all that you have done thus far!


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