It’s Going to Be One Hell of a Year!!

As 2012 came to an end and another year passed, 2013 has started with a BANG!!!

Two weeks into the new year, I ran the Disney Marathon and set a new PR for the distance, not to mention, I helped my friend Renee get her second win at Disney. So, I would say that was a good start to the year!

I had already had a pretty busy running schedule written out for 2013, but have since added a few more highlights over the past few days. The following will be a look at the BIG STUFF coming up this year!

In no particular order;

Shamrock Marathon – For this race, I plan to do some pacing to try and help a friend PR..I will also be pushing for Team Hoyt VB again this year for this race.

Boston Marathon – This year’s Boston is going to be equally as special as last year. This year, I was asked to be a “GUIDE” for Michael Davis, a fellow Team Hoyt’er and legally blind runner athlete. He will be running his first Boston and we will be gunning for a new PR for him. We will also be a part of Dick and Rick Hoyt’s Boston charity team. I also have several other training partners/clients and local 757 runners who will be up there running some great races of their own.

Ragnar Relay (Cumberland MD to D.C) – Recently was asked to be a part of this amazing cause. This won’t be a group of runners solely out for competition and team building, but will be used as a fundraising vehicle for Ainsley Rossiter, one of our very special rider athletes of Team Hoyt VB. Check the page here :

USATF Masters Championships – Indoor (Regional Championships), Outdoor (State and Regional).

Umstead 100 Miler – This race, I will be crewing for and helping pace a friend, Michelle to a hopeful victory and possible course record.

24 Hour Team Hoyt VB charity run – This will be a 24 hour continous run, pushing a Team Hoyt VB rider athlete the entire time. This will hands down be the biggest and most important run of the year…It’s been my dream to do something like this to not only raise funds but, also awareness, for those who live with special needs. For me, this is about something bigger than I could ever do on my gives me a chance to be the legs and the muscle to help bring a smile to our riders faces’. This will be the run that all other training and races are geared toward.

Spartan Ultra Beast – The first of its kind, the Ultra Beast is the world’s first marathon distance Obstacle Race. It will be ONE heat that will feature two loops of the main Beast course. Racers will face the toughest course Spartan Race can bring, TWICE, before finding the finish line. It’s not for  the faint of heart! For this race, there is a $15,000 dollar cash prize to the winning team..David Mick, William Tallent and myself intend to make a bid for that prize!!

Aside from all of the above, I intend to do plenty other smaller races and will be doing a lot of pacing for my wife and other members of my training group. There are several of my training partners and some of the runners I coach, who will be looking for some big PR’s this year and, I fully intend to whatever it takes to help them get there.

Whatever your goals and targeted races are, get out there and get going…you have 11 months left (this year) to create a fitter, faster, stronger and better YOU! What are you waiting for??

LIVE, LAUGH, RUN and Happy Training!

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