The Week in Training and Memorial Day Weekend

So, this past week/weekend was one of the best weeks in training so far. I managed to get in several quality training runs, as well as a solid 10k performance at the ERR. Counting the race, I ended up with 32 running miles and over 8+ hours of aqua jogging and swimming (normally, I will do a combination/mix of aqua jogging and swimming each session, with more of one than the other). Below is how my week looked.

Monday- 1:30 hours aqua jogging/swimming. Evening- 8x600meters @ 10k pace.

Tuesday- 1:45 hours aqua jogging/swimming. 2k, 1600, 1200, 800, 2×400 (all done on the track)

Wednesday – 1:30 hours aqua jogging/swimming. 4 mile progression (8:36, 6:40, 6:26, 6:18)

Thursday – 1:30 hours aqua jogging/swimming. 6 mile tempo with hills (ran at about 85-90% max HR)

Friday – OFF

Saturday – ERR 10k (37:14).

Sunday – 2 hours aqua jogging/swimming

The ERR 10k turned out to be another great race. This was my 3rd year doing the ERR and it is what I call my “Anniversary Race”. Meaning that, the ERR 2010 was my first official race in over 8+ years upon returning to running. That race, I ran 49:00 and was still weighing 185+ pounds. This year, I managed to go 37:15 (very happy with that having just come off a lingering achilles injury), I cracked the top 10 and won my age group.  So, I have managed to come pretty far in just two years.

As always, the ERR was a great turnout! Got to see and race against many of my fellow HRR friends , as well as many other local running pals. To nobody’s surprise, Ryan Carroll won the overall title for I think the 47th time 😉 and Renee High  easily won the women’s top spot.

The Memorial Day Weekend was a great time as well. Aside from the ERR 10k, Crystle and I spent majority of the weekend hanging out and relaxing with friends.

Friday was a “guys night” out with Rob, Ricky, David and Aric. Then on Saturday, Crystle and I hungout with Rob/Carly and Ben/Hannah down at the oceanfront.

Sunday we did some “chores” around the house and then hungout with Micky and Sarah that evening.

Monday, although it was technically THIS week was filled with a great morning of training with Rob, Renee, Kris , Thomas and Jose. We had a killer track workout in which everyone did AWESOME!! We had some damn speedy splits!

Later Monday evening, Crystle and I joined Rob and Carly for a little cookout and beach time at Thomas’s place. Had a lot of fun and good times.

Finally, the long weekend came to a close…BOOO!!

So, with a great week of training and an even greater holiday weekend behind me, it’s onto another great week of running and life!! See you all out there!

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