Going The Distance!!

As most of you know, I am a member of Team Hoyt VB  http://www.teamhoytvb.com/ and participate in many races with them throughout the year. What you may not know is that Team Hoyt VB is only one of many organizations that carry on the spirit and legacy the original Hoyts’, Dick and Rick and their Team Hoyt Foundation.

Team Hoyt VB is actually the ONLY chapter that uses the Team Hoyt name, however, in the Team Hoyt spirit, several new organizations with the same mission, have arose.

In particularly, there is My Team Triumph, which now has chapters in 12 states across America, with the goal to expand to as many states and cities as possible. http://www.myteamtriumph.com/

Among the current chapters of My Team Triumph, I personally have close connections with the Ainsley’s Angels http://ainsleysangels.org/ chapters of Louisiana and Eastern Carolina, as well as the My Team Triumph Cape Cod chapter. The AA chapters and the Cape Cod chapters have spawned from parents of our rider athletes of THVB who have branched out and started additional chapters to raise awareness outside the Virginia Beach area.

So, with the recent announcement of our 24 Hour World Record Run attempt, these above mentioned organizations are what we will be raising funds for. From now until the date of the run, every cent raised will go to one of these organizations. All proceeds will be used to fund start up fees associated with future chapters, procurement of running chairs, entry fees of our rider athletes into races, assistance with travel for rider athletes and family members to and from non-local running events, etc.

As any of you who know me, know that these organizations are very near and dear to my heart and, I would appreciate all of your help in spreading the word and helping us in anyway that you can. Over the upcoming months, we will be building a fundraiser website in preparation of the “Big Event”.

In the mean time, please get the word out by promoting this cause and this mission. With the advent of social media, lets hit the “air waves” as often and as much as possible.

“Many hands make light work”…So lets do this!!

In advance, I would personally like to thank all of you who are undoubtedly going to be putting in much time and effort for this. I thank you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.